Fuck You Black Spiders

One of the main complaints about music festivals is that fans would have major clashes between bands they would want to see. Download had Alice Cooper clash with Rob Zombie this year. Luckily the organisers at Sonisphere always seem to do their homework, and major clashes are generally avoided. Prime example is having the mighty Black Spiders headline the Jagermeister stage, whilst Biffy Clyro kept the kids busy at the Apollo main stage. The result is a massive crowd in front of the smallest stage at the event.

The Sheffield based hard rockers consist of Pete 'Spider' Spiby (vocals and guitar), Ozzy 'Owl' Lister (lead guitar), Mark 'The Dark Shark' Thomas (lead guitar), 'Tiger' Si Atkinson (drums) and Adam 'The Fox' Irwin (bass).

Kicking it off with the classic, 'Kiss tried to kill me' and blasting straight into 'Stay Down' afterwards, the Black Spider virgins in the crowd were won over in an instant. This is raw; take no shit rock and roll, similar to AC/DC in the early days. The band is having fun as always, and the face pulling contest amongst the The Fox and Tiger is on-going throughout the set.

Black Spiders provided an awesome set and everybody boogied the night away whilst screaming "Fuck You, Black Spiders" with middle fingers in the air. Having the spiders headline Jagermeister stage on Saturday was a spot on decision by Sonisphere and one of my highlights of the weekend.