Me Vs Hero at Hevy 2011

In our wash-out of a summertime, all you really need is Me Vs. Hero, a can of cider and a rogue beach ball to make things alright again. The pop punk Northerners bounded onto the Rock Sound & Macbeth stage with inimitable energy on Saturday afternoon, and momentarily let those huddled inside the tent forget what the sky was doing outside.

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They are the sort of band you could happily shower with sunshine coated cliches and call 'an affable bunch of scamps', but they really are endlessly charismatic. Their loyal fan base aren't afraid to get involved when it comes to creating a bit of movement in the pit; jumping, crowd surfing and batting inflatables across the room. Well, there was the aforementioned beach ball anyway. In future I'd like to see more sex dolls and life-size sharks. Even so, just as one song ended and the next infectious riff began, there was little time to settle- it was more like putting a few cans of fizzy pop in a paint shaker and then seeing what happened.

Four Year Strong style gang vocals peppering the infectious hyperactivity of tracks like 'Can You Count, Suckers?' and 'Days That Shape Our Lives' is a kind of indulgence too few people allow themselves these days. It's no shame to enjoy a bit of pop influence, and when we've got an amazing UK substitute for The Wonder Years ripe for plucking right here, you'd be daft to ignore them.

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