Architects at Hevy 2011

Architects have had quite a year. It's not often that such a big name on the alternative circuit can make such significant headway into the mainstream, and their success has been impressive. With the release of "The Here and Now" being championed by the likes of Radio 1, a lot of the early Architects fans have criticised the side-step of sound from the good ole' savage "Hollow Crown" days. In fact, I overheard a couple of lads discussing this at Hevy. Well, I say discuss. It was more; 'you going Architects?' responded with 'nah, they've gone shit'. It was going to be interesting to see what response they got as they took to the main Jagermeister Stage.

As a fan of the new material, I was more than happy with the fifteen-song set. Their impressive musicianship meant each track translated perfectly live, but sadly the acoustics of the stage itself weren't great. I found over the weekend that a lot of its performances lost a real hit of energy which was really needed to take each set to the next level, and this was no exception. It wasn't the most memorable gig of my musical life, and it wasn't because of my vodka slush puppies. Perhaps the length of the set was ambitious, because at points it just seemed a little laboured and weary, even the tender moment 'Heartburn' was not the soaring high point it could have been. I reckon had this been on the smaller, covered Rock Sound and Macbeth Stage however, it could have gone off.

It ain't all sorrowful mind you- try and track down footage of some of the older stuff they played. 'Early Grave' was Architects how Architects should be- furiously heavy and blindingly intense. They're better when they maul you.