The View

Imagine the scene. The first afternoon of the festival and the colours on Main Stage were fast descending from glorious greens and blues to all shades of grey and brown. Then lead singer of The View, Kyle Falconer, slurred that it was not actually raining. Wonder what all the umbrellas and ponchos were about then? Some bands have been bottled off for a lot less. Whether out of defiance or perhaps no-one could actually work out what he just uttered, for a crowd already braving the elements their set began on a decidedly sour note.

Their saving grace could be found in their repertoire of shambolic, incomprehensible ditties. From a riotous Wasted Little DJs to Same Jeans, which will take on a whole new meaning by the end of today. While the appeal of remaining in the rain was beginning to drag, the quartet tottled along even if judging by Falconer's deteriorating drawl the contents of his paper cup was arguably becoming increasingly potent. He still remains one of few lead singers who sounds clearer when singing than speaking, even during an almost indistinguishable rendition of Superstar Tradesman. That there remained a crowd for the set's climax of Shock Horror was perhaps credit to their energy, if not the dreary occasion.