The Vaccines

Occasionally, even the NME/Radio 1 stage can seem a mediocre venue for a band du jour. Arctic Monkeys back in 2005, Mumford and Sons twelve months ago; add The Vaccines to that list for a must-see 'now band'. Startling to think that the band was only formed last year but thanks to the promotion of a certain weekly magazine viewing space was at a premium. Thankfully the hype was not without substance to a band oozing confidence, so assured that they hastily dropped the likes of 'Post Break-Up Sex' and 'Wreckin Bar' yet still managed to maintain loud adoration.

Whilst their repertoire of snappy, sleazy tracks was delivered with a showmanship that belied their meteoric rise, there was a showmanship which hinted that they already know how far they can go. Take the drummer, Pete Robertson, who can find the time to step out from behind his kit to stroll to the front of the stage and egg the crowd on. Thankfully those tracks are well worth overfilling a tent for; 'If You Wanna' with its persuasive chorus and even new track 'Tiger Blood' slotted in nicely. All very well then that it seemed the band's exuberance matched their crowd's, if only to justify each member diving into the front.