Pulled Apart By Horses

Ahhh, the morning after the night before. As bleary eyed festival goers stumble around like Romero zombies, uneasily trudging through steadily deepening rivers of mud and nurse hangovers of unimaginable magnitude, a steady frisson of excitement grows in the NME tent, as kicking off proceedings on a very wet and windy Saturday morning are local heroes, Pulled Apart By Horses.

As a steady crowd assembles in the tent strewn with straw and last night's detritus - which is crudely paving the ground like the craziest crazy paving ever seen - the Leeds four piece take to the stage to a roar of approval rippling through the NME tent.

From the sharp snicker-snack of 'V.E.N.O.M.' they explode with palpable ferocity. Forget a soothing opener to ease the uninitiated into their sound, the band are straight down to business. This is very much a set in fast motion: a moshpit simultaneously breaks out to the front of stage during second song 'Back to the Fuck Yeah', by the third, 'The Crapsons' singer Tom Hudson has left the confines of the stage, wielding his guitar in the front row. This is relentless.

You might think that with the heavy drive of their sound they would just be noise, but there is a real depth to the wall of sound that they furiously hammer out. Closing with 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat', there is an air of jubilation as the last chords ring out. As the repeated chant of 'Yorkshire' fills the air, this is very much a well-deserved home coming for the band.

Pulled Apart By Horses really are a band to behold. Absolutely ferocious and unforgiving in their power, their sound is immense. Definitely ones to watch.