Rival Schools

As the edges of the Festival Republic tent begin to thicken in anticipation of the arrival of the band, there isn't even a hint that the audience is flagging after three days of having their bodies battered by rain, wind and bad burgers. In fact, the buzz in the air is palpable.

Appearing on stage it soon becomes apparent that Rival Schools have lost nothing of the energy they possessed a decade ago, and better still, the material from 'United By Fate' still sounds just as incredible. The chug of 'High Acetate' bounces high, whilst the groove of 'Travel By Telephone' sees fingers thrust into the air as the audience sing, no shout, every word back at the band with real force. To the sides, there is even people air guitaring in appreciation, with eyes closed and winding their hips slowly seemingly so lost in the moment. But it is 'Used For Glue' that really sparks the crowd into life. From its spiky guitar intro, the swelling mass of bodies in the Festival Republic tent begin to move in unison - some pogoing, some bouncing but all moving and again shouting along the words learnt a decade ago.

For a man who is in his fifth decade, Walter Schreifels bounces around with aplomb; gazing at the audience and seemingly buoyed by the positive reaction received and the number of revellers in the tent - the band were up against a headline set from the much beloved Pulp - playing with the enthusiasm of a much younger band.

Ending on the slow burn of 'Undercovers On' with its aching sentiment, the jubilation in the air is apparent. As the last chords ring out, cheers are raised high into the tent, as well as hands in approval.

For the few that chose to end their festival in the company of Rival Schools, this really was an incredible way to end a truly memorable weekend.