Impressive Performance

The 'Lowering The Tone Tour' is sponsored by Scuzz and Prog Rock Mag, and makes its way to Cardiff's CF10. It's not the most packed this place has ever been but the bands all have a decent crack at getting the place moving. After a storming set from Chimp Spanner, whose geeky-sci-fi-prog went down a treat with the audience, headliners TesseracT have a lot to live up to and luckily they step up to the mark admirably.

Whatever you want to call the sound these internet-bred bands produce; Prog metal, Djent, mathcore or some other random label, TesseracT make a huge noise, full of Eastern tinged atmospherics, technical riffs and soaring waves of intense noise, and they impress in a live setting just as much as on record. Tonight their sound fills the venue easily and the crowd may be small(ish) but they are appreciative; even those obvious genre noobs getting sucked in to the moment in no time and you get the impression that this is a band on the cusp of becoming much bigger.

Technically they nail it, with the guitars sounding monumental at times, there are just a few rough patches vocally (sounding much smoother in his mid register), but the vocal lines are pretty demanding and its not enough to take you out of the moment. It has to be said that it's a minor gripe really in an otherwise impressive performance and we recommend you check this lot out if you get a chance, they really should be on your radar.