Hot Water Music

As the wind whips wildly against the shivering frames of indignant festival goers still wearing t-shirts and shorts in the hope the weather will abruptly change and the rain beats down steadily turning what was hours ago lush green grass into an ever- deepening sea of mud, the Leeds Festival is sorely lacking a little sunshine on its first day.

But from outside the yellow and blue striped Lock Up tent, a little chink of light shines: Hot Water Music are currently bringing a little of their native Gainesville's sunshine to a very dreary day in West Yorkshire.

Hot Water Music are unquestionably a much beloved band in the punk scene, so the tent being at barely half capacity is more than a little disappointing for fans in the audience. But not detracted by this, they go on to play with an incredible incendiary energy.

A little marred by poor sound mix - guitars too quiet, some vocals seeming to change volume - they ring out some of their best loved songs to hungry finger-pointing fans hanging off every word and every chord.

'Trusty Chords' elicits the biggest sing-along of the afternoon with its earnest bounce. Fists held either to chests or in the air, whilst everyone present screams back chorus "I hate this place but I love these chords/ an empty fate just means an even score" with whole hearted feeling, whilst 'Wayfarer' is injected with extra gruff live with its cry of 'Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh'. 'Rooftops' is another highlight with yet another collective sing-along of 'Hey world are you listening?/ Listening to me?'

Although dogged by technical problems throughout their short set, their pure enthusiasm and raw energy really made up for the inconsistencies in their sound. Hot Water Music really are a must-see band.