Dividers at Swn 2011

Day one of Swn begins for Roomthirteen at Undertone, an intimate basement venue and a well chosen setting for a night of punk bands. Leading the charge in 7 o'clock opening slot and setting the tone for the rest of the night is the excellent Swansea mob Dividers. They rip into their half hour set with songs that are fast paced, chunky of riff and gruff of vocal; their crowd pleasing punk tunes are punchy, solidly played and the perfect opening to the evening.

They may need to work on their stage presence a tad mind, tending to avoid eye contact with the crowd, playing side on at best and directing their on stage chatter at each other is actually sort of endearing, (including jokes about Swansea and an on stage incident with a cherished plectrum breaking), but more interaction with their audience would give them the stage presence to go with the great tunes and they'd be on to a killer combination. We recommend you check this lot out you can listen to some of their tunes over at their Bandcamp page.