Caves at Swn 2011

A sizeable crowd suddenly appears out of nowhere for Caves' performance at Undertone on the first day of Swn festival and as soon as the Bristol-based, female-fronted punk rockers begin their set, the stalwart fans at the front are straight in with the fists in the air, singing along at the top of their lungs and the atmosphere skyrockets.

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Caves are an emotional ride of passionate lyrics and catchy choruses that you can't help but move to and the crowd are swept up immediately. They also look like they are having a massive amount of fun; the on-stage chatter is light-hearted and inclusive, and with smiles all round, the band powers through their anthemic, fast paced tunes with ease even while jumping about like maniacs the whole time. They are a pleasure to watch and the venue comes alive with energetic head bobbing even to the back of the room. This is a great performance and the feeling is that if the night had ended there everyone in the venue would have gone home happy and satisfied. Not bad for a band third on the bill.

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