Red City Radio at Swn 2011

On last tonight and closing our first day of Swn at Undertone (so ostensibly headlining, although there are headliners at all the venues tonight), are Red City Radio from Oklahoma City. Their American folk-punk-rock is again from the Gaslight Anthem end of the spectrum, and yes we are aware that it's possibly lazy to use TGA as a comparison as R.C.R. do mix it up a bit more than that, but you immediately get general the picture so we're sticking with it for now.

The band takes the stage (well, floor in this venue) to a rowdy cheer from the now merry crowd and lets us know that they are one of only two American bands on the Swn bill for the whole weekend; they share banter with the crowd easily, as have all the bands tonight and then punch into the first of many upbeat and danceable punk tunes. The audience is quickly engrossed and hands are up straight away punching the air.

R.C.R. are slick live; their super catchy, melodic anthems and gruff vocals are just what this punk fuelled night was leading up to, as the set progresses the audience finds its voice and sing along moments ensue. The band seem quite sweet, making the crowd laugh; especially when they say they are going to do a cover of a Descendents tune and then break into a one second burst of 'All', commenting that they get better at it every night. While Red City Radio are lacking the regional camaraderie of the previous British bands tonight they do put on a great show, interacting well with the audience in the packed venue and leaving everyone with a smile. Their sound isn't hugely inspiring but in a live setting it really shines; they really are worth catching if you get the chance.