Goodbye and Thankyou

And so it is, as we wipe away the tears of the last ever London show and very nearly last ever show of the highly enjoyable band from Glasgow, Dananananaykroyd. As well as tears there were huge smiles, how could anyone not smile at a Dananananaykroyd gig, even one as sad as this, quite simply it's impossible. From Calum Gunn and John Baillie Junior, the bands two singers, jumping into the crowd just like they did way back in the early years when the venues were smaller and there was more space in the audience to the "Wall of Cuddles" and if you don't know by now what that is, well then I'm sorry to say you have missed out.

A packed Kings College was literally jumping, determined to make the most of the fact it will be the last chance they had. Dananananaykroyd played pretty much all the tracks that were needed from their two albums "Hey Everyone", the recent "There Is A Way" and "Sissy Hits EP".

As always with Dananananaykroyd, if you reported all the fun that happened during one show you would still be reading this in 2013. So, a brief rundown of the highlights would include Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings films, and soon The Hobbit film, introducing the band. The band all falling down between 'Hey Everyone' and 'Watch This!' and then getting the entire floor to crouch down, yes the entire floor including those at the bar, before jumping up at the start of the latter song. Telling the stage divers to stop and succeeding too, enjoying the air conditioning unit positioned over one part of the stage and not forgetting, playing some of the best music we have heard.

The last song to be played by the band was their anthemic 'Some Dresses'. The most poignant moment had to be towards the end of the track the band slowed it down and all sat around the drum kit together, for one last goodbye, before standing up one by one to finish with a bang.

Thank you Calum, John, Duncan Robertson, David Roy, Ryan McGinness, Paul Bannon and previous band members, Laura Hyde, Paul Carlin, Giles Bailey and James Hamilton for the pleasure given over the last 5 years.

Any hints of what the future held for the various band members were not forthcoming, except for the comment "See you in the retail sector", but we hope the future holds a bit more than working at the local Lidl's for this talented group.