Glamour of the Kill support Alesana

Glamour of the Kill has spent years working on creating a sound that would be appreciated and accepted by music followers across the globe. After plenty of hard work writing, recording and playing gig after gig after gig, they have been able to do just this. When they took to the stage on this occasion and showcased their material live, you would have hoped a few more individuals could have been stunned by the results.

As Glamour of the Kill took to the stage at Camden's Electric Ballroom as the opening support for the rock band Alesana, they gave it their all. As they perform, Glamour of the Kill always pushes and pushes to the point that sweat pours from their skin and the crowds go bonkers. Unfortunately in this instance, this crowd was not as forthcoming as previous crowds. Although there were plenty of claps and the occasional cheer and arm waving, there was no other real crowd participation. Even when the lads tried to encourage the crowd to go mental, they began but quickly lost all interest after 30 seconds.

Although the crowd was a little less than favourable towards Glamour of the Kill, that didn't stop Davey, Mike, Chris and Ben from pounding out a few treats and strumming along to some of their album tracks such as If She Only Knew, Feeling Alive as well as more familiar tunes like A Hope In Hell. When these guys play, they make the room shake, the walls tremble and the air dense. This evening they played their hearts out, it is just a shame the crowd was not as receptive on this performance as they have been in the past.