William Control Back in London

The London date of The New Faith Tour had already seen some great bands perform that evening, but there was one man in particular everyone was here to see. As Wil Francis polished off the remainder of his drink and fag and took to the stage (with a Willie Wonka intro), he was welcomed by a crowed venue all wanting to hear his electronic side project, William Control.

When the Aiden front man took center stage with his band in full swing he played to a swarming crowd of adoring music enthusiasts all signing their hearts out to songs this man has written and created, dancing in some instances as though they had no control of their nervous system. He was able to hypnotize individuals with his electronic sounds and dark vocal. Performing a set where track after track after track was yet another brilliant and energetic demonstration of material from his music back catalogue, each well written and well performed, there was one performance in particular that seemed to astonish the crowd beyond belief and that came in the encore.

Wil took to the stage with just his acoustic guitar, all eyes on him and played a beautiful and emotional acoustic rendition of London Town. The crowd literally stood still, taking in every ounce of the atmosphere, demonstrating their appreciation very loudly through screams and cheers as the song concluded.

William Control gave an outstanding and very energetic performance at the O2 Academy 2 Islington and by the reaction that the crowd gave as Wil Francis headed off stage, they cannot wait for his return.