Fearless Vampire Killers make a name for themselves

The third and most entertaining act for the night was Fearless Vampire Killers. From the moment they took to the stage, even to simply set up their equipment, an overwhelming excitement could be seen on the faces of the crowd.

As they kicked off their set and the musty element of their appearance exploded, the screams began and didn't subside until the concluding note had ceased to be heard. The bands short, sharp and superb set was jam packed with addictive melodies, sing-a-long lyrics and a split vocal contribution from Kier Kemp and Laurence Beveridge. As individual singers each one is brilliant and able to find their footing but when the two feed off each others' energy it's obvious these guys are in their element onstage and have plenty to offer. Kier had the opportunity to open the set with his rugged vocal and the odd scream every now and again. Laurence concluded the second half of the set putting across an early My Chemical Romance tone. Both men were able to take opportunities to show off their guitar abilities while the other took to the microphone as lead vocal.

Most of the songs performed this evening were taken from the bands Militia of the Lost debut album and absolutely exploded in sound, energy and pure passion for making brilliant music this could be noted by the craziness of the bassist, twirling so much a stage hand had to remove his microphone at one point to save from being hurt.

Since the release of their debut album Fearless Vampire Killers has been able to gather a strong and dedicated fan base and if this performance is anything to go by, these lads have a bright and fairly hectic future ahead with longevity and plenty more albums to come.