London's Scala was the setting for one of the most enjoyable evening's entertainment you could probably have, well legally have that is, as Gabby Young and Other Animals had what can only be described as a lavish party that could easily be compared to the recent Diamond Jubilee. The entrance was transformed into a 'Gabberdashery' full of clothes, cup cakes and pretty much everything you could never possibly need. That charm did not stop there, it spread onto the stage too which was adorned with Chinese lanterns, flowers around the drum kit and, as being compared with the Jubilee, bunting. There was even a miniature piano that was dwarfed by the giant harp next to it.

The reason for all this pomp and extravaganza was to celebrate the launch of Gabby Young and Other Animals new album The Band Called Out For More, which as Gabby Young, the barefooted front woman of this huge band, indicated the plan was to play the album in full. Not that the amassed ensemble of a crowd seemed to mind judging by the sheer numbers swaying or dancing along to the tunes, helped largely by the opener, In Your Head being a high energy track to kick start the party.

The 'Other Animals' varied in numbers, faces and instruments throughout the set which helped keeping the show fresh throughout but one thing remained, that despite the, at times, chaotic changes, the quality of musicianship and singing remained top notch.

Judging by the smiles in the crowd at the end it is fair to say that fun was had by all. Now if only Gary Barlow had considered this for the Diamond Jubilee concert.