Band of Skulls Live at Leeds

As the people continue to mindlessly wander around the site, Band of Skulls (5/13) prepare to unleash their alternative sound on the still meandering crowd of Leeds. Much alike to the previous band, Band of Skulls are all the rage with the regular DJ's on board at Radio 1 and in some sense it's clear to see why. Tracks like The Devil Takes Care of his Own and Death by Diamonds and Pearls have the potential to be massive but whether it's the band themselves or the massive scale at which they're playing, finds that some of their impact is lost. The effort and drive that unquestionably have the entertainment world going crazy for the Southampton trio is clearly there though seen in Light of the Morning and I Know What I Am that sees the band liven up slightly. It's a set that I find a little hard to watch, there's a lot of nerves and not a lot of atmosphere which is crucial in getting a festival crowd going.