Bullet for my Valentine Live at Leeds

A change in genre again as Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine who are back from an apparent hiatus since the release of 2010's album Fever and open with a stormer. The heavy thunderous drum beat of Your Betrayal ricochets across the site as frontman Matt Tuck skids across the stage in between vocal breaks. The heavier Pleasure and Pain follows that sees the opening of a huge circle pit towards stage right and a mosh pit towards stage left (yes there is a difference) which follows into the heavier Scream Aim Fire from the band's second studio album.

There's a lot of eager fans amongst the crowd that have clearly waited for a chance to see the Bridgend band back on stage and playing the tracks they love and they make noise of that in a gracious chant that repeats the band's name over and over, "We appreciate you guys sticking around to see us and to wait for us, we know we've not been around for a while so it means a lot to us that you've stuck around" gushes Tuck before unleashing Tears Don't Fall on the crowd. With a promise to speed things up again the band belt out single The Last Fight and the heaviest Waking the Demon that eventually closes the set.

Luckily there has yet to be rain on the set as the rowdy crowd of Leeds prepare for the later bands that are coming to take the crowds of this festival for everything they can give.