Kaiser Chiefs Live at Leeds

Starting off the top four bands of the night are Leeds born and bred 5-piece The Kaiser Chiefs who made it big in 2005 with their debut album Employment. Both the fans that know what they're talking about, and those that are familiar with the radio 1, are buzzing with excitement as frontman Ricky Wilson explodes onto the stage, diving around and throwing his mic stand anywhere he can. The quintet open up with 2008 single Never Miss a Beat quickly followed by Everything is Average Nowadays which ultimately pumps up the crowds for the energetic set to follow.

It's a crowd pleaser for sure when the band throw out their olympic closing ceremony number, a cover of The Who classic Pinball Wizard which just goes to show exactly why this band have shot up from the underground scene they were in back in 2004. The track pulls at all corners of the crowd and even those hanging out by the beer tent at the back and as expected there's a karaoke moment that continues on into their second single I Predict A Riot in which Wilson shows no hesitation when scaling the side of the scaffolding of the stage and dangling his mic into the faces of those pressed enthusiastically against the barrier.

There's some more insane dancing before the interruption of another classic when the band bring the ever so popular Ruby to the stage which introduces a tambourine and a lot of out of tune "da da da"'s'.

Towards the closing end of the set Wilson seems to feel a huge surge of energy (more so than he's let out the rest of the set) and spends The Angry Mob charging around the stage as if he truly was every member of a angry mob.

Kaiser Chiefs are a band that bring one hell of a party and Oh My God really does set the atmosphere on fire and proves that the Yorkshire quintet really do deserve to be there, as yelled as a closing sentence from drummer Nick Hodgson who declares "We love leeds" before adding "Don't worry we're going to shout that at reading too!" and on that note they depart from the stage to a very hearty applause from their equally as Yorkshire admirers.