The Suburbians return to The Barfly

When Essex based band The Suburbians released their debut album Follow The Lights late last year, they were on a path that was gaining them more and more attention everywhere they went. Nearly a year on and the momentum these guys have knocked up in such a short period of time is sensational, both here in the UK and internationally.

They recently teamed up with The Crave to play Camden's Barfly and caused quite a stir while doing so. It seems each and every time the quartet play live, they continue to gain more and more adoring fans desperate to hear their music and thriving on energy and admiration. Intertwining some British rock with a few pop touches, this performance of the album tracks went out with a blast. From the moment these guys took to the stage the venue was packed to the brim with music lovers desperate to hear the bands tunes. Track after track was performed and time after time the crowd screamed along, singing at top lung capacity and joining with harmonies and chants wherever possible; the beach ball bonanza was certainly enjoyed by all.

Although all tracks performed this evening were done so wonderfully, there appeared to be a few favourites. Notable tunes included Red Dress, Breaking Away, Breathe and the incredible single Six In The Morning. Wish You Well was a track that the band has never really played live before due to difficultly in achieving guitar chord changes live, but the lads were able to pull it off in this instance with guitarist Ben K sitting for the opening moments before exploding into tune. Another outstanding aspect of the set was the drum solo, where drummer Ben N was accompanied by vocalist Mark to smash out a drum interlude remarkable to achieve.

Overall, this performance left the crowd with big smiles, completely breathless and driven to want to hear more, so much so they chanted for an encore and was treated to one last song. The Suburbians is currently writing their second album and visiting Canada but will be back on UK shores in November for some more live dates.