Effluence Live At Swn 2012

The first band of the weekend draw a respectable sized crowd as everyone turns out keen to get their weekend started. This could be a tough slot to fill but Lancashire trio Effluence really nail it in a great performance. OK so they aren't big on chatting with the crowd but their tunes keep those assembled rooted to the spot for the duration of their set.

With a sound that shies away from pigeonholing and walks the line between grunge, punk and garage rock amongst other things, what you get is a heady mix. The trio play dark tunes, peppered with sometimes uncomfortable lyrics (look no further than Japan Eye for a prime example) and backed by impressive vocals which range from manic screeching to sultry crooning from one moment to the next. As well as the great vocal delivery they give us lovely rumbling bass, chunky riffage from the guitar and some fantastic interplay between the two as they cleverly weave together.

We recommend you check out this three piece on their Bandcamp as they impressed us no end and judging from the favourable comments from the rest of the crowd on their way out of the venue, left everyone else excited for the rest of the weekend at Swn too.