Rangda @ Swn Festival 2012

There's a great deal of anticipation for Rangda's set at Swn Festival, The Moon is full and hot and many heads bob around trying to claim a clear view of the action on stage. To be fair though there isn't a great deal of 'action' to be had though, Rangda aren't that kind of band, there is no crowd interaction here, they deal in aural rather than physical impressions and in that respect they really do impress tonight.

The trio build their dreamy oriental spiked post-rock instrumental epics from gentle twiddly beginnings to rushes of intensity and the live setting is by far the best place to experience this - sometimes blissful and skin tingling and at others intense washes of noise but always capturing and holding your attention. Their set is dreamy and the guitar work is impressive, this is what we came to see. The only sour point here is that a few people packed in from other venues that were already too full and clearly weren't there for Rangda so they disrespectfully talked through the whole set tarnishing the more delicate moments with inane chatter - it's a real shame for the rest of us but thankfully fails to entirely ruin this fantastic set.