Post-rock hardcore

It's day three of Swn Festival in Cardiff and first up today for us at RoomThirteen is MINE, the London four piece open the stage at The Moon and hook us in immediately. The band features ex-members of Hang The Bastard, Centurions Ghost and A Long Time Dead but is a more interesting prospect than just straight up metal or hardcore and you can hear this in their set from the opening moments.

Although they have a great line in intense vocals they also bring in post-rock leanings to the mix; with a lovely swirly guitar sound creating washes of atmospheric noise and gradual builds from gentle beginnings to full on intensity and screaming (reminiscent somewhat of Envy) making for a full and dreamy feel throughout. This heady riffage is at the heart of all the tunes played here at Swn and it easily fills the small venue, puling in a really respectable crowd for 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Apparently this was only MINE's second show but you can't tell; they already sound great together and piqued our interest enough in this short 30 minutes that we'll be keeping a close eye on them in the future.