Goodtime Boys @Swn Festval 2012

Day three at Swn Festival continues with Goodtime Boys up next and they pull a pretty big crowd in to The Moon for the start of their set - to be cynical this may be the result of Alex Pennie being involved, however he and the rest of the band aren't messing about - they are an impressive prospect live, howling with energy, tight drumming, intense vocals courtesy of Pennie, a ton of interesting riffage and some lovely dreamy moments. They blow any purely curious people in the crowd away with their emotional hardcore sound; Pennie looks like a man possessed up there on stage, wide eyed and intense, throwing himself about, totally lost in the moment.

The Brit five piece don't go for straightforward hardcore - as with MINE who were on this stage earlier in the afternoon they mix things up by injecting dreamy moments, some slow builds to walls of noise and they also play with fast/slow, quiet/loud dynamics to great effect. They are a great band to watch, they keep us all riveted and have a quietly confident air about their performance which rubs off on those watching, drawing us all in easily. A really engaging performance.