Pariso @ Swn Festival 2012

London five piece Pariso's down-tuned, nicely dirty sounding guitars and heady screams are intense - their metal/thrash/hardcore mix is heavy duty and live they are of course very loud, but it's also not just a wall of unintelligible noise, they back it with grooveable rhythms from the rumbling bass and with the jagged (sometimes verging on dissonant) dual guitars adding depth through layering.

The Moon club is pretty full for their set, the forth in a run of hardcore/punk bands at the venue this afternoon and the crowd's attention is firmly set on the action on stage and off - their front man paces about below the stage and the four other band members, eyeballing the audience on their level and throwing himself into his performance. They impress not just with the ferocity of their sound but also with a tight performance and tons of energy. It's a commanding and engaging performance and we recommend you check them out if you get a chance to.