Black Moth @Swn Festival 2012

It's day three of Swn Festival and Black Moth have managed to pack in a sizeable crowd downstairs at Clwb Ifor Bach even though there are a ton of other bands playing right now in venues across the city. The reason they have attracted the punters becomes apparent immediately, right from the opening moments of their set and it's their front woman Harriet; she is excellent, the focal point of their tunes and she puts in a commanding performance. Dressed in leather jacket, bikers cap and Turbowolf t-shirt (the Turbowolf front man watches from the sidelines), Harriet's sultry bluesy rock and roll vocal delivery is sexy, powerful and spot on and the rest of the band back her with heavy duty almost metal riffage and grooveable rhythms, it's a combination you can't help but move to and they get a great reception from those assembled.

Black Moth's 45 minute set flies by; tracks from their last album make an appearance, closing track Honey Lung sounds especially brilliant and is a superb way to end the set. Here's hoping they made a ton of new fans at Swn as they deserve to be huge. An excellent performance from the Leeds quartet.