Frank Turner at Southampton Guildhall

Its been a very successful year for Frank Turner, he has toured the world, played at the Olympics but this week he went back to his roots as he played a sold-out show at Southampton Guildhall.

The room was full of friends and fans, many of which were wearing their best Frank Turner merchandise. You could feel the excitement building in the room as the night went on.

One of the best things about attending a Frank Turner show is the level of crowd participation and crowd dedication. When Turner asks who has been to one of his shows before, nearly everyone in the room raises their hand, and song after song, the whole crowd is singing along; sometimes so loudly that Turner's vocals are practically drowned out.

With Winchester only being a few miles away it was no surprise that Wessex Boy got one of the biggest responses of the night, along with Long Live The Queen and Ballad of Me and My Friends.

Apart from Frank forgetting the words part way through The Real Damage Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls put on a faultless performance and it was obvious that both the crowd and Frank were having the time of their lives.

The well spoken and humble local boy had the whole crowd at his command throughout his set; this was most obvious when Four Simple Words was performed and the whole crowd was instructed to take part in a national dance competition which had been taking place on the tour to find out which city has the best dancers. The whole crowd went crazy and there was not a still body in the house.

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls played a magnificent set, which made it clear why Frank's career has gone from strength to strength and why he has become a treasure of the live music scene.