Don Broco

On the Priorities tour, promoting the Priorities album of course, Don Broco come out to the massive hit...Priorities which instantly gives the room an electric atmosphere, the first two acts were good but Don Broco prove that after years of touring that they know how it's really done!

Playing great songs such as Thug Workout, Whole Truth and Dreamboy the crowd were going insane and hanging on the lead's every word. Don Broco look as if they've been wound up with a key in their back as they never stop moving, they also look like they're ready to go on a night out not to perform on a hot and sweaty stage.

'I heard a rumour, that the press up king was here tonight' the lead singer Rob said before shouting 'There he is!' he then explained that at Hit the Deck festival this guy started doing press ups in the mosh pit and shows up to shows to do the same thing, at this point a wall of death was formed.

Don Broco performed their last song Actors after what felt like a short set and left the stage. They came back on to cheers and said 'You just witnessed the first Don Broco encore' earlier in the night Rob said this Birmingham show meant a lot to them and they would do something special. I'd say that's special enough.

They ended their entire set with the radio favourite Fancy Dress and left the stage for the final time that night.

As the excitement left me and I was left to ponder I realised that not at one point was I bored or thought 'This is a rubbish set' rarely can you go to a gig and have no complaints. Kudos Hey Vanity, Mallory Knox and of course the outstanding Don Broco.