Cancer Bats laying waste to the KOKO

When headliners on the night, Cancer Bats, finally hit the stage next they are greeted to a rammed, sold out KOKO and a victorious roar from all corners of the room. Victorious because this is the band's biggest headlining show to date in a city which has very much adopted them as their own. As they explode into the delicate heavy riffs of Bricks and Mortar the floor erupts into utter chaos. They reel off one great song after another and you can't help but feel that this band should be bigger; and they will be if tonight's show alone is anything to go by. Of course the Cancer Bats are famous for their uber intimate shows in back alley bars and clubs, but as they showed tonight they are more than capable of taking to the bigger stage and still completely making it their own. The performance uniquely made you feel like being back at one of those smaller shows.

The set list showcases tracks from every section of the band's growing back catalogue, with crowd favourites including Shillelagh and Deathsmarch. All of the newer material off of Dead Set On Living also just slotted into the set list superbly. The whole atmosphere on the night just felt great, the band themselves showing huge emotion and appreciation for the massive amount of support the fans in London alone have been able to show them over the years.

The sound was also really good with not a single riff lost alongside the bass and drums pounding against the tight confines of the KOKO. But if the show was going great, it is nothing compared to the scenes that greeted the final four tracks on this absolute powerhouse of a set list. Drunken Physics, Sabotage, Hail Destroyer and R.A.T.S thundered around the venue and it became apocalyptic. As it drew to a close it was a real shame there was such a strict curfew but it is safe to say that most people inside the venue would agree that this show was a complete triumph. Cancer Bats are constantly making huge strides and it is exciting to see where they'll end up next.