Reet Impressive

First up on the main stage (quite late) were local outfit Spill Sixteen. Even though behind schedule they managed to tear through their set in enough time and have time for their intro tape of TV Magnum's theme tune.

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Highlights of the set were the impressive bluesy opener Doing It Tonight and a very excited and animated singer in Steve, they are a cross between Bad Co and Mamas Boys. I bloody swear that Spill Sixteen's bass drum was turned up to 15 as I could actually feel my hair moving (upstairs and downstairs!)and I am not joking, as my internal organs also took a proper pounding.

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Other notable offerings were the well received Damned, and new single Come With Me. If a twin Les Paul attack is right up your street with no nonsense rock and roll then Spill Sixteen deliver. Just cheer up guitarist (JJ), it might actually get better - there was no need to have a face like a ripped welly. Spill Sixteen are ones to look out for in the future.

Set list:

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Doing It Tonight
On My Way
One Way To Go
By You
Come With Me

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