Class Act

Dante Fox were firsts at HRH AOR for two reasons:

1) First band with keyboard player in tow, THANK GOD! and
2) Sue Willets wielding a tambourine (the first of many over the weekend).

I have a few Dante Fox albums and was wondering how they would come across live. My doubts were immediately extinguished as Willets' vocals (despite her apologizing for her croakiness) were damned impressive. Tim Manford's guitar playing was up there with the best of the whole weekend, and also Sue's banter was quite witty and relaxed.

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Most of the set came from Under The Seven Skies with Sue showing her vocal chops on the excellent Walking The Line. Dante Fox were responsible for my first 'goosebump' moment of the day (many more were to follow over the course of the weekend) with the excellent rendition of Limara )the best TV advert theme EVER!!). Remember' with Willets hitting a stellar note at the end that made me have a nice sit down and a calming cup of tea at the end.

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Dante Fox need to get out on the road a bit more, as the UK deserves to witness bands like these plying their trade. Polished, comfortable in their surroundings and mightily impressive

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