Now, once again the ante was upped considerably with the introduction of Romeo's Daughter. I saw them play a relatively small gig last year in Bolton (and they were excellent), but its on these larger settings that they really show their star quality. In Craig Joiner, Romeo's Daughter have an excellent songwriter and guitar player, and in Leigh Matty they had the first front-person who was out in centre stage thoroughly enjoying herself.

Tonight Romeo's Daughter are as tight as a gnat's chuff, and they are probably the best as I've ever witnessed. The sound was superb and so hats off indeed to HRH. Everything was thrown at us (except my wedding dance song I must add! Leigh, Craig take note, next time I want to hear Hymn!!!), classics both old and new - Bittersweet, Cannot Be The One, Trippin Out, Talking Love and Alive from Rapture, and HeavenIn The Back Seat (2nd goosebump moment of the day), Velvet Tongue, Inside Out, Cry Myself To Sleep and the excellent finish of Wild Child from the debut (did I say they never played Hymn?). Tight backing vocals from the rest of the band lifted the songs to another level and Romeo's Daughter could have hit us with another 12 different songs such is the quality of their 3 albums to date

I sincerely hope they get invited back for next years shindig, and a much higher slot on the bill as they deserve it.

Set list:

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Heaven in the Back Seat
Velvet Tongue
Cannot Be The One
Attracted to the Animal
Talking Love
Inside Out
Trippin' Out
I Cry Myself to Sleep at Night
Wild Child

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