UK Top Guns

Finishing off day one on the main stage at HRH AOR were the UKs AOR young guns, Vega. Given an hour and ten mins to make an impression, Vega hit the audience with both barrels filled with napalm, gunpowder and anthemic numbers. Vega both look and sound the part of the future of British AOR and they are ready to take on the Americans (hopefully) at their own game.

These guys don't have an axe to grind with the dreaded 2nd album syndrome as new tracks being aired tonight prove that they have developed and matured into a mighty fine 'single' machine. Highlights of the set for me personally are predominately the 'new' ones, with Not There For You', a sure fire single in the not too distant future; the Def Leppard influenced What The Hell a song with a biographical tone for the lads, and more than a ringer for Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me, and the anthemic closer, Hands In The Air'.

The Martin boys certainly have an ear for a catchy number or 11, and in adding Night By Night guitarist Ben Christo, have filled out the Vega sound perfectly, and when all the lads can sing harmonies alongside Nick Workman, it doesn't make for a better experience than this.


Kiss Of Life
Not There For You
What The Hell
Heart Of Glass
Stay With Me
You Can't Run
She Walks Alone
Into The Wild
White Knuckle Ride
Hands In The Air