Summer lovin'

I caught Summers last year at a gig that I don't really want to discuss as the turnout was piss poor. They were great however, and I was hooked! Anyway, word had got around and they were greeted by a very full 2nd stage. Knowing the guys well, they wouldn't miss the opportunity to grab the crowd by their legwarmers and give them all they had. With only one (very new album) to their credit, 364 they got one redhead in the crowd VERY excited!

Summers wear their Def Leppard fan club badges well and truly on their sleeves, and the net result is one great set of songs that hit you right between the eyes, then do a couple of laps around the room 30m its really that small!) and then come and give you a good kick up the arse, just because they can!
It could be one of those gigs in the future that you can say that you were there when they played to about 150 people at HRH when they become really big. I certainly hope so as these lads have more catchy riffs on one album than most could muster up in ten years. Songs like Girls, Steel Away and Superhero deserve to be heard by a much bigger AOR lovin' audience and they would have gone down well on the main stage.

The biggest reception was saved for their stripped down version of Shot In The Dark, with all singing a capella yet another goosebump moment of the day. Trust me, go out and buy their debut album 364, you will not be disappointed!


Rock You


Steel Away

Rock Machine




Shot in the Dark

Let's Go Round


I Came Here to Rock