Thanks UK......for the money

So...Over to the day 2 headliners Skid Row. Judging by the audience, a fair few were here just to catch them. Even though current singer Johnny Solinger has been with them since 1998, I still personally hanker for Seb Bach. But I try to be objective. You see, the only thing is Johnny looked like he was fronting a cover band, with his black tank top and beer belly, even his various hats and bandana looked like the hair was sown onto the inside of them.

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Ok gripe over, the first half of the set was better than the second as most of the killer songs were here. It must be difficult trying to lay to rest the ghost of Bach, and Solinger did a pretty good job. Dave 'Snake' Sabo and Scotty Hill both looked and sounded the part. But bassist and founder member Rachel Bolan seemed a bit distant.

Obviously the songs from the first two albums were what most people wanted to hear, and they didn't disappoint Slave To The Grind, 18 And Life and Piece of Me all kicked serious ass, and the new songs Let's Go and Kings Of Demolition fitted in nicely, but I could have done without Bolan singing the Ramones' Psycho Therapy. The anthem Get The Fuck Out was a great participation number, and they just had to finish with Youth Gone Wild which sent the audience into raptures. Anything less and they would have been torn limb from limb.

Now, Solinger commented that they were here for the fans, and saying all the stuff we wanted to hear as fans but they had almost 2 hrs allotted to them to perform; they arrived 20 mins late, and finished almost 30 mins early, and were out of the venue faster than a rat out of an aqueduct. I suspect they were in it for the money.

Still, a decent performance.

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