Fearless Vampire Killers headline Camden's Underworld!

When Fearless Vampire Killers began making the rounds with their debut album Militia of the Lost last year, there was an instant attraction, a sound you couldn't help but want to hear on repeat. Since then they have toured with many bands, but have found time for their very own headline tour, Diamonds and Disgrace, stopping off on the way at Camden's Underworld.

From the moment Fearless Vampire Killers stepped onto the small stage, there was screams a plenty which just grew in momentum as they began playing and performing. Kier kicked off the set with tracks from Militia of the Lost such as Bow Ties for Dead Guys and Bite Down On Winchester, before Laurence then took over to introduce the material from the bands new EP Explosions: Five Before The Flames. The two vocalists/guitarists then spent the remainder of the set swapping singing and guitar duties which went down without a hitch and in complete synchronicity.

Although there are two lead vocalists for Fearless Vampire Killers, each takes turns to sing various tracks rather than each taking a slice of one song. When performing as lead vocalist, Kier and Laurence have two very differing mannerisms and ways of performing to the crowd. Kier is very crowd orientated encouraging clapping, waving, jumping and singing along while Laurence is quite dramatic in the way he presents the lyrics, almost using signs with his hands to get them across. One thing they do have in common is making the crowd go wild over their sensual antics, whether it's Kier grabbing his crotch or Laurence "ohhing" and "ahhing" in pleasure. This as you may well imagine got the girls even more excited and screaming louder and more energetically than before.

The interaction between band members on stage shows a real bond between them. From Drew jumping on his fellow band mates and Kier and Laurence becoming quite close with manly arm hugs and jokes, its shows the passion they have as a band for what they are doing, and the energy they have for performing live, practically Drew who went completely bonkers in his own little bubble and giving it all he had to give. This amazing and very memorable night concluded with the encore of Elton John's I'm Still Standing with Kier singing and the band giving every ounce they had left, and Drew performing in his PJ bottoms for some unknown reason.

Having seen Fearless Vampire Killers perform on several occasions it's easy to see how they just keep getting better and better and more confident each and every time. If you didn't manage to catch them on their Diamonds and Disgrace tour over the last few weeks, then ensure you catch Madina Lake when they tour later in the year as Fearless Vampire Killers is supporting and they are a band you don't want to miss out on.