Don't even try to catch your breath.

If you've never had the chance to see Feed The Rhino live before, then these three words will help describe and paint a picture for you - complete f**king madness.

They are just one of those bands who never let you stop to catch your breath. Despite giving nothing but energy on stage, they also remain so tight, riffing, shredding, headbanging; everything is coherent. And if you're not really getting into it, they'll come to you and make sure you're getting it with more than one of the band crowd-surfing all over the place with every chance they got.

The set time was early, and let's be honest Reading & Leeds has changed so much as of late, the crowd levels for the Lock-Up now caters to quite a niche section of people at the festival so there wasn't a lot of people in there. With that said though, they did incredibly to work the crowd present as they blitzed through material covering all sections of their back catalogue. The absolute highlight of the show though was Lee Tobin's birthday present to himself in getting everyone crouched down in the crowd ready for the drop and inevitable chaos. Yes I know everyone does this now, but no one wants to mess around with Lee Tobin so even the most casual passer-by got their arse down on the deck. The result? Probably one of the rowdiest moments in the Lock-Up all weekend. Brilliant performance.