Pulled off a difficult slot on the line-up brilliantly.

Opening the main stage on Friday morning at Reading Festival is a difficult job for any band. You have to create the right buzz for those already down the front, you have to try and get the wanderers over and away from their Giant Yorkshire Puddings. Fittingly it took the Yorkshire based Metal/Hardcore While She Sleeps to do just that, and my word, they did a good job of it. The most striking thing first of all was how good their sound was. We all know how temperamental a festival main stage's sound can be, so for it to kick off like this was great.

The band kicked off the storming set with two tracks from This Is The Six, Death Toll and Dead Behind The Eyes which immediately cast a menacing tone over the arena. By the time The North Stands For Nothing belted out there were pits opening up all over the place. It was really good to see this UK based heavier band opening up the festival like this and receiving such a great reaction. The band themselves were clearly enthused by the occasion also. They will certainly be higher up on bills like this in the future, especially at events such as Download. Difficult slot to play in? Nobody told them that.