Kill The Power

Right from the off let's get one thing absolutely clear. Skindred are just made for the live arena. Live their music takes on a new personality completely, amping up the intensity, the heaviness, the fun. The band open with the raucous Nobody which from the first note has everyone jumping around like complete lunatics. Even before the first note was indeed struck the crowd's enthusiasm was reaching boiling point as Star Wars' Imperial Death March boomed across the arena. A phenomenal choice of intro tape.

The madness didn't really let up throughout the set, as the band reeled off live classics such as Pressure. After some, albeit weirdly friendly, abuse was thrown out by Benji Webbe the band kicked into a Kill The Power off of their newest release which received just as good a reaction. Alongside all of the massive tunes, there were some great little interludes including a half cover of Thrift Shop and Sad But True, again always keeping the crowd engaged.

Skindred were the second band on the main stage all weekend and already they had set the bar ridiculously high. Newport Helicopter to end the set? Nuff said.