I noted in our preview feature that Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats were one of those bands who have uniquely risen out of nowhere through a cloud of mystery to become one of the most talked about artists in heavy music at the moment. No one barely knew what they even looked like until very recently, playing only a small handful of live shows. The sense of intrigue increased tenfold when it was announced they would be supporting the mighty Black Sabbath on their UK Winter Tour. So with all that in mind, an early evening set inside the Rock Stage was set to be one of the potential moments of the festival, and oh my word was it.

Being that they are still relatively low-key, the tent was probably not even half full, with many of the pilgrims for heavy music already beginning to drift towards the Main Stage in anticipation of Nine Inch Nails. But this didn't have any effect on the band as they ripped through one sludgy riff to the next. You'll go from the demonic doom riffs to thrashier energy within a heartbeat. One thing was for sure, after this set there would be a lot of very sore necks.

The most impressive thing was the fact that not many inside the tent would have even known any of the tracks but by the end there was an almost victorious roar of appreciation. If you know anything about heavy music you'd pick up their two albums Blood Lust and Mind Control and you will see that Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats are just doing it right, brilliant band and a brilliant performance.