Green Day Reading Festival

So after the monumental show from System of a Down the Reading audience were left to wait for Friday's headliner the legendary Green Day. I'm sure that the excitement for the pop punk veterans would be more rife in the air had they not played their 'secret' set last year at the festival.

Kicking off with 99 Revolutions it was clear that this show wasn't really going to be anything spectacular compared to any other Green Day show, they pull out some hits in the form of Holiday and Do You Know Your Enemy.

A banner for Dookie erected behind the band to cheers from the front crowd. Billie Joe announces that 2014 will be the album's 20th anniversary and as a dedication they were going to play it in full. Maybe this would be okay for a Green Day gig but at a festival this was perhaps one arrogance too far.

Obviously in true Green Day fashion a lucky fan was invited on stage, a t-shirt gun was shot, a toilet roll gun was fired and Billie Joe did the "heeeeeeeey ooooooooooh" thing that he does.

After Dookie was played in full they dished out the classic Minority which let's face it everyone loves.

Ending with American Idiot and the ridiculously long Jesus of Suburbia, Billie Joe came out with an acoustic guitar to play Time of your Life. I'm sure Green Day's set could have been fantastic, the audience interaction was a sight to behold and the classics did get people off their feet and dancing. Unfortunately for the legends they were upstaged before they'd even come on.