We Are Fiction introduce some rock to BBC Introducing

A big crowd is waiting at the BBC Introducing stage for this next act, but it's not a secret set by someone huge, no it's just a little set from Peterborough's finest young act We Are Fiction. Their style of screaming and rock and roll is a winning combination.

I'm sure that We Are Fiction never imagined they'd be playing Reading Festival, granted they're starting from the bottom but it doesn't seem to faze any one of them, they all look so happy and grateful to be there playing to a festival crowd.

The lead singer makes the long awaited announcement that their album will drop in November and then as an added treat they're also playing on the Vans Warped tour.

Though We Are Fiction only played five songs it felt like they had really accomplished something at Reading Festival that day, they'd gathered some new fans who were jumping up and down all the way through their set and allowed people to see that they're a talented bunch of guys that deserved this spot and with catchy songs like Sail On and My Dreams Are Haunted i'd say that we definitely haven't heard the last from these boys.