Biffy Clyro end Reading Festival in style

Quite frankly the amount of times I heard before and across the festival 'Biffy shouldn't be headlining' just got annoying. It was so obvious that as soon as they came out all those non believers would be blown away!

It was already quite frank that they had great expectations by the size of the crowd they attracted, easily bigger than Green Day on Friday and probably on par with Eminem's crowd the night before.

Simon Neil can be seen on stage donning the no shirt look playing Different People to start with and then falling into the absolute crowd pleaser Golden Rule. The best thing about Biffy is that they do have a history of amazing songs that they can call upon Bubbles, Saturday Superhouse and Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies.

You can see that all of them are so grateful to finally be headlining this amazing festival and they are pulling out every single trick they can think of to wow this audience, including strobes, a fantastic light show and Simon Neil setting his guitar on fire.

Ending with Stingin' Belle and Mountains along with a brilliant firework show the Scottish trio proved to this audience that they more than had what it takes to headline this festival and any other they were possibly given.

Biffy Clyro ended Reading Festival in true style and dignity.