His Naked Torso @ The Moon

Our opening band for the weekend was His Naked Torso, the Cardiff duo have a laid back and shyly-charming stage presence, but don't be fooled, as they make a huge, often experimental noise which sounded intense in the room at The Moon. Their set was packed out with appreciative punters eager to get their weekend started with some live music, so there was a good atmosphere for their set right from the start.

HNT play angular and experimental noise-rock but their often discordant riffage and awkward rhythms are counterbalanced with more regular beats and snatches of melody. They really know how to lull you into head bobbing before they whip it away with manic screams and a return to the jagged; its great fun to watch. The duo don't come across as the chattiest pair but they also looked like they were having great fun on stage and made us all feel relaxed - a solid way to open our festival which left us (and by the looks of it everyone else) looking forward to what was to come.