Nai Harvest @ Fuel

I'd heard good things about Nai Harvest live and they certainly drew a big crowd into the tiny space at Fuel, but again they were slaves to the sound quality and in all honesty, If I didn't know what they sounded like I'd have had to see them again to work out if I really liked them, as the vocals were almost unintelligible under the muddy sound - what a shame.

Those familiar with them seemed to get into the set with no trouble though, thankfully, and the Sheffield duo quickly had pretty much everyone else moving along with their passionate and melodic 90s-tinged emo tunes, (the Cap n Jazz reference in the Swn write up being totally appropriate). There are plenty of opportunities for impassioned sing alongs in their tunes and the front row made the most of the opportunity and looked to be having a great time despite any issues.