Well Wisher @ Fuel

The final emo band for the night at Fuel was Well Wisher and the Manchester based band drew a sizeable crowd in the small club bringing with them a high energy party atmosphere. Their frontman Mike Cahill seemed to have quite a bit to do with that as he wandered in and out of the crowd like someone with ADHD and put in an impressive vocal performance, fuelling the crowd's excitement. The first half of their set was superb - fantastic tunes, some manic dancing and loud sing-a-longs from the audience; they had everyone smiling and dancing along with them.

It was then a bit of a shame later on as, due to a friends request, they switched to Weezer covers and the atmosphere fell suddenly flat with people gradually sneaking out at the back, a bit of an odd decision at a festival but as their front man said if you don't like it you can fuck off somewhere else fair enough.