Swearin' @ Angel Hotel

The set of the festival (as far as I was concerned) came from Swearin', they are a four piece from New York and Philadelphia with a charismatic front woman and fantastic garage-indie-rock tunes (reminiscent of the Breeders at times). Kudos has to go to The Angel Hotel firstly as the PA was brilliant, clear and crisp sound really helped, and it coped well with the quiet (Divine Mimosa sounded superb) and loud aspects of their set. The band also had plenty of vocal fans in the audience - shouting encouragement and singing along at top volume which made the rest of us want to join in too and made the band smile, especially when some girls called out "we love you Allison" to front-woman Allison Crutchfield.

I hadn't seen them live before and by the end of the set it was impossible not to become a total convert to the cause. Scuzzy guitars (sometimes laden with feedback squeals) washed over us, the melodies and vocal lines had us all singing along and the full sound had us rocking out. They played a tight set and Allison chatted easily with the crowd - it was a real pleasure - everyone else seemed to agree too as the applause seemed to go on forever, great stuff.