We bid farewell to Madina Lake

It has been nearly a decade since the initial introduction of Madina Lake. In that time they have grown so much as a band, they've had their ups and down but foremost, they've given musical lovers one heck of a ride.

From their debut album From Them, Through Us, to You released back in 2007, through to Attics to Eden in 2009 and then World War III in 2011, each and every album created was yet another stunning example of why Madina Lake was gaining an even greater following as their time in the industry lengthened. Suspicions about the future of the band grew a year later when the band announced a Triology Finale Tour. Originally suspected as a round up tour to the first three albums, the band played their debut in its entirety as well as tracks from the other two albums to round up the story of fictional character Adalia and open a second chapter into Madina Lake. Unfortunately news of the bands demise came earlier this year with this Farewell Tour rounding up the bands time as Madina Lake, but going out with one explosive performance.

As well as performing the majority of tracks from their first album such as Here I Stand, House of Cards, In Another Life, Pandora and One Last Kiss, they performed Never Take Us Alive, Let's Get Out of Here, and Welcome to Oblivion from Attics to Eden and unfortunately only one track, Howdy Neighbor!, from World War III which was a great disappointment considering this was their most recent album release. The band's small three track encore consisted of a cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name and then they finally went out with the bang with Me vs. The World .

Considering this was to be the last ever time Madina Lake was to play the Capital, you would have expected a greater variety of songs from each of their three successful releases and maybe have skipped the cover tunes. Having said that, there was no doubt that as a final thank you to the fans, something lead singer Nathan is consistently doing, they gave an explosive set that the crowd were not going to be forgetting any time soon.

It a shame that the past year or so has seen some of the most inspiring and talented bands in the music industry calling quits after gaining so much success and such a following of musical admirers. Although Madina Lake as a band has come to an end, here is hoping such a stunning voice like that of Nathan Leone and the musical talents of his brother Matthew and fellow band mate Mateo find other avenues to celebrate and share their creative abilities.