Fearless Vampire Killers go down a storm!

Fearless Vampire Killers first made an impact on the music world when they released their debut album Militia of the Lost and ever since they have been gaining a steady fan base, touring with the likes of William Control, Black Veil Brides and now Madina Lake as they played their final UK tour at The Garage in Islington.

One of the greatest things about this band is the joint lead vocalists / guitarists Laurence and Kier. Each takes turns to sing lead vocal on a variety of tracks while the other plays guitar, then mid-way through the set they alternate. In this instance, Kier took vocals first opening the set with Bow Ties on Dead Guys, a track that can, and did get everyone screaming and singing along. This was followed by Bite Down on my Winchester among others including a rendition of Phil Collins Easy Lover. As Kier and Laurence swapped roles, they performed their new single All Hallows Evil and of course Could We Burn Darling. The set concluded with At War with the Thirst, a track that on every occasion has the crowd screaming "Go home, go away" and at this point they were joined on stage by the lads of Supper Happy Fun Club.

Each and every time Fearless Vampire Killers take to the stage, regardless of whether it is their own tour or not, they give it everything they have. Even if the crowd are not there to see them but the band they are supporting, Fearless Vampire Killers power through with more energy and enthusiasm than most headlining acts can master. When they perform, Kier and Laurence have two very different mannerisms on stage. Kier is very energetic, bouncing about, dancing away and really becoming a first class performer. Laurence on the other hand takes a more theatrical approach, waving his arms about and giving plenty of facial expressions. The two personalities and characterises combined make for one heck of a show.

After one of the most spirited performances Fearless Vampire Killers has treated London to, the New Year is just around the corner and hopefully some new material and more touring lies in store.